On vacation or in my spare time I like to go geocaching. For those who do not know it: on the website you select a nice geocache -preferably a multicache-, take the description with you on a printout or in the special app, you enter the first GPS coordinates in your mobile, drive or walk there and the treasure hunt can begin. I have discovered many surprising places and wonderful stories through it. This free game has been played all over the world for years. It is also excellent for playing together with a fellow player in covid-19 time. I still remember how surprised I was when I was first introduced to geocaching. Especially because I realized that treasures were hidden all over the world, including in my neighbourhood, by fellow players with respect for nature, the neighborhood and history. For years I had walked, cycled and driven past hundreds of those treasures, not knowing they existed.

I got the same feeling when I started looking into lingerie for women with breast prostheses. I immediately thought of a tiny shop in a back alley where I would be taught about flesh-colored, boring corsets. That image was based on nothing and turned out to be meaningless. Ordinary, typical department stores and well-known lingerie chains that I have visited regularly in my life sell prosthetic bras in all kinds of sizes, colors and designs. In addition, many stores sell double-layer sports bras, with a special opening between the layers through which you can easily stuff a prosthesis. All just at the front of the shop on the rack: countless treasures, hidden from those who are not initiated into this matter.

Completely surprised I discovered that this also applies to prostheses. There are of course also flesh-colored silicone look-a-likes, which are still clearly different from the original. But for those who can think a bit ‘out-of-the-box’ and ‘into-the-bra’, there appears to be much more fun to be had. Curious, I became acquainted with a very nice company that makes alternative prostheses (ps: you can contact me for name and address). Actually, until the end of the radiation treatments I should use the temporary prosthesis that I got from the hospital, because the radiotherapy can still change my body. During my visit, however, I fell head over heels for a beautiful item with a gorgeous and chic fabric. It turned out to be a special for the holidays.

In the meantime I walk around with a treasure that remains hidden from everyone, only to be spotted by my happy, proud smile above it. I am already curious which fabric they will include in the assortment for Easter.