Today I received the last chemotherapy of the second series! Weak and sleepy from the Tavegyl (the drug to prevent allergic reactions to the chemo) and the chemo itself, but above all very relieved, I walked home slowly enjoying the warm sun. Finally, the period has arrived in which my body has a few weeks to recover. First a few pajama days, but starting next week my world will get bigger again.

The CT scan and MRI are also planned for that week. The following week, week 39, it will be announced what these 16 courses of chemotherapy have yielded and I will hear the advice of the medical team for the following courses. Probably surgery, then radiation and then chemotherapy again, but this time in the form of pills that I can take at home.

The nursing ward gave me a sweet present to celebrate at home the completion of the chemotherapy. After she removed the IV from my hand, the nurse in charge said with a warm look: “I hope I won’t see you here again.”