Yesterday I went to the hospital with my brother in my improvised sports outfit (flexible holiday trousers with a nice cycling jersey). First having blood drawn again, then bridging an hour while the lab determined my values, after that the consultation with my internist-oncologist. The white blood cells appeared to have multiplied enthusiastically, as did the platelets! Without a doubt, the treatment could therefore continue again.

Although the unplanned extra week had done me very well mentally and I secretly hoped for another week of postponement, I also understand the great importance of the progress of cures. Moreover, it is nice that my brother can stay and still assist me next week, if it turns out to be another tough week after this cure with Carboplatin. After the consultation, I quickly went to the Rehabilitation Department for 45 minutes of an invigorating onco-physiotherapy, to report afterward – still panting in sports outfit – for the next chemotherapy treatment.

As I type this, I hear an outside crowd cheering at the nearby football stadium at the start of the second half of the game. The second half of my chemo therapy has really started for me too and I hope it will yield a top score!