After having received twice (on Fridays) a single course of chemotherapy (without Carboplatin), I can now conclude the effect is considerably less severe. In these two weeks of ceasefire, I can recover a bit. After the eye infection in the right eye, followed immediately with one on the left, both seem to have recovered. Fortunately, the blue-grey, swollen big toes fit nicely in sneakers that I once bought a little too big, allowing me to walk again. My world is once again bigger than my house. The headache remains at an acceptable level, provided I take it easy. I can devote some time to my beloved work and viola again.
Until next Friday, the day of the next treatment with Carboplatin, I experience time to breathe and for reflection.

Ps: my dear friend who made the beautiful translations so far, is unable to continue, due to personal circumstances. Hopefully my English spoken readers can still understand my messages, which I will try to translate myself.