My hairstyle started looking a bit scruffy by the loss of hair. Taking a shower was no longer a pleasure being having my hands full of hair each time. I asked my wonderful neighbour if she would be willing to crop my hair with a pair of clippers. She did a wonderful job, very skilfully. My tired hairdo was transformed into a trendy cropped style. I will be able to keep it like this for a few days until all my hair has gone, but this in-between step feels good. I feel a lot lighter, both literally and figuratively. 

I was now able to try the caps which I’d ordered. The selection appeared to be more difficult than I had foreseen. On most websites there is a rich choice of chemo caps. They are shown by models who look well and have sparkling eyes. I hesitated which colour would suit my pale skin and the dark circles under my eyes. Another complication was the size of my head.  It appeared to be no less than 58 cms! As I prefer not to feel any pressure I decided to take a bigger size. On a website which provides more than the usual one-size caps, my size is called ‘a beautiful large head’ (meaning the largest size). No wonder the size reduced my choice considerably.

Today I wore the caps, the one after the other, for a while. I had not been able to resist a brown one with a peak, suitable for sizes 50-58, but I am not going to wear that one a lot (good enough for a short video-call though). I have two other ones (51-59) which will be more comfortable and cosy, suitable for walks. 

Looking at my cropped head, I don’t see an egghead, but a beautiful large head indeed, full of jolly experiences, stories, inspiring encounters and cheerful plans.