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For some time I have had a few minor physical complaints which I ascribed to reaching middle age. In a few weeks I’ll turn 50 and apart from telling birthday cards showing an even greyer ‘Sarah’ it appears one has to go through various physical discomforts. Via the new internet portal of my GP I sent her therefore a mail: should I come to her with my minor complaints or wait till the next population screening? The response was a telephone call: to come and see her!

About 50 hours later, in which a mammography, an echography and a few biopsies were taken and analysed, I (together with a dear friend who accompanied me) got the unimaginable diagnose: it is breast cancer, stage 2 or 3. The following steps will be taken in the next few weeks: A PET/CT scan and an MRI scan which will help to form a better idea of the tumour and the stage it is in. With these images a multidisciplinary team of staff in the local hospital can set up a treatment plan that suits me best. 

The word cancer evokes in me bad memories, too many and too recent. Do I have to relive all of these? It is only a short while ago that I was caregiver until my tall, dear beloved died, and now I have become a cancer patient myself. A positive memory from that time is that he provided an opportunity to everyone to share and sympathise with him via a blog. Very carefully he kept personal details of our private life away from his writings, so that he could publish his journey on the worldwide web and everybody who wished so, could stay informed. I am going to try the same and will publish at irregular intervals: only when there are medical developments. Feel free to follow this blog (sign up via the blue/green ‘Subscribe’ button), send it on to others or sign off.  Whatever you do is fine.